Ka Iwi Coast
Mauka to Makai

Become a volunteer.

Volunteers are needed to build and maintain trails. Work with the Sierra Club of Hawai'i O'ahu Group.
Contact us for more information on how you and/or your group can get involved.

​Photos from the Blessing of Habitat Protection and Restoration Efforts for the Ka Iwi Coast
Sunday, April 2, 2017

How you can help.

Get educated.
Visit the media page and view detailed maps, media articles, video and photos.

Let government know.
Contact your state representative or senator, the mayor and/or your City Council representative. Inform them of how you feel about the Ka Iwi coast/Sandy Beach area. Respectfully ask that the city continue to protect the coast for future generations.  Respectfully ask that the city to continue to protect the coast for future generations.

Share what you know.
Talk about this issue with family and friends. Download and print out our information leaflet and pass it on. It’s available in PDF format at www.hawaiikaihui.org, “Ka Iwi Coalition.”

Join us in the quest to preserve the Ka Iwi coast in perpetuity! We periodically meet at the “Dave Matthews bench” to discuss all things Ka Iwi coast.

Become a friend.
If you are an organization, we want to add your name to our list of "Friends." Become a “Friend of the Ka Iwi Coast” by meeting with us to learn about the issues and discuss how your organization can help.

If you are an individual, take a stand and demonstrate your support. We converse via email and phone and meet occasionally to exchange ideas.
"In addition to finding fulfillment in being part of an effort to preserve the coastline where I grew up, I made many new friends who made the experience a fun one.  I encourage everyone to remain involved in the [stewardship] process, and even if you have just found out about the Ka Iwi Mauka Lands, it is never too late to join."
- Kendrick Chang, Youth for Ka Iwi