Ka Iwi Coast
Mauka to Makai
Maunalua-Makapu'u Scenic Byway

What is the State Scenic Byway Program?

The State Department of Transportation developed the State Scenic Byways Program to recognize, preserve, and enhance locally-significant corridors featuring archaeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreation, and/or scenic qualities. It is also a program for roads that "tell a story" and are special or unique to Hawai'i.

What is the purpose of the Corridor Management Plan?

To preserve and protect the resources along the coastline from the entrance of Hawai'i Kai to Makai Pier, while enhancing the experience for both local residents and visitors.
Do you like any of the projects listed in this plan?
Champions are need to enact and maintain projects.
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Click on the image above to access the Maunalua-Makapu'u State Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan.

Documents that resulted in the designation of the Maunalua-Makapu‘u Scenic Byway as an official Hawai‘i Scenic Byway.

Maunalua-Makapu‘u Scenic Byway Nomination and Designation Applications